How to Deal With a Husband Who Wants To Be a Cuckold

If you find yourself having to deal with a husband who wants to be a cuckold, then you may find yourself struggling. You will often struggle with the want to be faithful but then be torn about whether or not you will be able to make him happy. There are a lot of reasons why a man would want to be put in this position. It is best to sit him down and talk to him about it so that you can figure out what you can both do to work around it.

Talk to Him

Ask him to give you the specifics of why this is something that interests him. Often, a man is turned on at the idea of the woman that he is with being wanted by another man or men. It will boost his ego and let him know that he is with somebody desirable. If you do not want to cheat on your husband you can always find ways around this. Go to a bar with him and flirt with men in front of him to see if this is enough. If you do not want to go all the way, then you need to make sure and tell him how you feel.

Being Safe

If you do decide to allow your husband his fantasy of being a cuckold you will need to make sure that you are safe about it. Always use protection and try not to go with people that you don’t feel comfortable with. This is something that can end up being dangerous if you do not take the time to take the necessary precautions.

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